Trans Authentic

“Nothing feels authentic anymore. Experiences are now bought and sold like everything else. We now BUY experiences rather than truly feel them. Everything it seems is losing it’s authenticity. I feel this way while out and about. The Realness, the Authenticy, the Genuine is becoming lost into a consumer world.” Me June 20th 2013

I’ve been meaning to start this blog all week but I have been rather discombobulated as of late. I look forward to writing my feelings out when these flashes of intense prose arise. So, here’s a lowdown of what I plan on making this blog about:

Social issues
Mental Illness
my life and what i’m thinking about or musing or angsting

Summed up–this blog will be about my journey into the transauthentic. Trans is a good word–translucent, transient, transcendence. I hope that writing this blog will help me grow and metamorph as a human being. I’ve been writing/journeling since I reached the double digits of 10 or 11. Many of my journal books are in my book shelf. I kept an online journel but cannot find it. This will be good for me. I have a few entries up my sleeve but I thought I’d give a quick update first so I’m not leaving anyone hanging. I will write an entry once a week.

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3 Responses to Trans Authentic

  1. catfc says:

    Right on! I like your title especially. Will you alert us on Facebook when you post another? Or?

  2. Kelly Ricks says:

    Very good intro. I look forward to your musings.

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