I wrote this today. It’s been awhile since I wrote poetry.faint reflection

A faint reflection
A shadow of a self
but now even that’s a blur.

I perform through the motions
erased and invisible
As a projection of assumption
Looked at
but not seen
I explain
only to be dismissed
I drift
in the space of in between.

I want to fly away from here.

In purgatory
A gender prison
A societal collision
Manifesting, dissipating
merely existing.

They demand
for me to help them
But how can they
when they only speak
And not listen.

Arrows puncture
My heart ruptures
Every time
All the time
My pain denied
It’s normalized
I’m bleeding everywhere
only to be told:
“You’re not bleeding, we can’t see.”
“You’re not bleeding, just think about it differently.”
“What matters is how you see your blood.”

Their “Good Intentions”
well-meaning perceptions
Bludgeon me endlessly
with their blind
ignorance hammers.

I’m saying stop.

This is what it’s like
To drift invisible
yet visible
in projections of assumptions
of wrong perceptions

In purgatory
A gender prison
A societal collision

Looked at
but not seen

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3 Responses to Arrows

  1. georgiakevin says:

    You truly put in to words what so many of us feel, i could never even begin to put my feelings in to words even poorly put together, you on the other hand made a beautiful poem that goes right to the heart of each of us whose heart tells us that the person we see in the mirror is soo not the person we are. i am grateful for your poem and for you writing the words of my heart.

    • wreckedtangles says:

      It really means a lot to me to hear feedback like this. I’m glad this poem moved you and spoke to you. =)

      • georgiakevin says:

        You write the expression of my heart so well, i wish i could express my feeling the way your work does and i wish i was as brave aas you are.

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