Queering Queer Queer Jessy

June is LGBTQ Pride month

I wrote this today.

A poem from my heart and soul
June, Pride Month 2015


“Queering Queer Queer Jessy”
I love the word “Queer”
Queer is mine to define.
Queer sets me free.
Queer, meaning strange and out of the ordinary
Having special abilities acquired through survival
in a land where you’re the token oddity
We become actors to match perceptions
our reflections in the midwest
I am Queer.
I am strange, odd, different
I am not like the others,
I am not ordinary
I am Queer
So free to define what that means to me
My gender
my identity
Who I love
Who I sleep with.
How I perform, Who I am
So free to define
So trapped inside.
The threat is never ending
The misunderstanding
The violence.
The first time I heard the word uttered
It was on the playground in winter.
“Smear the Queer”
the game we played
To destroy, tackle, demean the one
who had the ball.
Who had the infinite possibilities in this sphere.
They were to be smeared. Destroyed. Tackled
The first time I heard the word queer.
I didn’t know what it meant.
I knew the danger
But the word, the word
So beautiful and rare
It started with Q.
The strangest of the strange
Odd and bizzare
Oh, I knew that was me.
I am Q.
I am queer.
A beautiful queer.
I take that word and claim it as mine.
I am free to define
My soul.
My queer soul.
-Jessy Hegland, 6/4/2015
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