Insomnia and Introduction(again)


Day 4 on compounded Androgel

I officially started testosterone on Thursday, October 22rd, 2015.  This is a photo of me taken on Sunday, October 25th.

Thursday. Thorsday. My middle name is Ravn Thor.

I haven’t noticed any changes yet of course and I’m anxiously awaiting for them to happen. However, tonight I’m experiencing a bit of insomnia that not even chamomile tea will suffice. So, I thought I may as well just write a brief blurb.

I am 27 years old, I’ve been aware of my transness all my life but was unable to(or didn’t want to) articulate it. In 2011, I had a full-blown manic episode(followed by being fully diagnosed as having manic-depression) and during that time I had admitted to being transgender. After a rough year of getting back on my feet, my partner asked me about it. I had thought she forgot that disclosure because I was hoping for it to not be true. After a lot of self work, support, and therapy, I’ve finally made it here to my senior year of undergrad and to finally the start of shredding this skin like a serpent.  I’ve done  a lot of soul searching and experienced so much angst which is always part of painful dysphoria, but this is a start of a new journey towards transcendence into being.

I have only disclosed my starting T to a few people that I trust. I am not sure when I will make a full announcement.  I’ve been ‘out’ for a few years, but people ‘forget’ that I’m a transgender man, and so at this time I’m going to let it be for me.

It is my goal to post weekly blogs as I transition during this transitional season of fall.

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