Day 10; Body aches, snoring, and a small voice drop

Day10Today marks day number 10 on compounded androgel.  The changes that I’ve noticed in this first week has been a small drop in my voice.  Before starting T, I had been dealing with some depression and although dysphoria has been a major factor in causing my depression, I still nevertheless have it come up every now and again. School stress, homesickness, existential angst, things of that nature–so the depression is nothing new(it’s all part of manic-depression and how my brain works).

I have noticed as far as emotional changes go that I am not so pissed off all the time or full of pent-up rage. I feel much more at ease and calmer mood-wise since I’ve started. That could be due to anything such as the relief of finally starting to perhaps shifting of hormones.

I made my Halloween Costume! I decided to be one of my favorite film characters!

I made my Halloween Costume! I decided to be one of my favorite film characters! Edward Scissorhands

I went back home for Halloween weekend and had a wonderful time with my significant other.  She told me that I’ve started to snore—which is a very, very new phenomenon. She said that in all four years that we’ve been together I had always been a strangely sound sleeper–even during allergy season. And so, snoring for me is new.  It could be a potential side effect of T and the thickening of my vocal chords or maybe it’s the dry weather. Time will tell.  I have noticed also that I’ve been so much more groggy in the morning as if I’m not getting good rest.  My body feels as though it has the flu: achy muscles and stiff/sore joints. Basically, a feeling of being really run-down as if I did a hardcore vigorous workout and my body is regenerating. I used to work out constantly pre-T in an attempt to masculinize naturally, which did work pretty well. I’ve been still hitting the gym 2-3 times a week and will hopefully be going more this coming week as it really helps with my mind/body.

I also went grocery shopping. I’m really looking forward to an increased appetite. Depression and the medication that I’m on really decreases my appetite and I forget to eat or I just don’t feel like eating.  I got plenty of healthy snacks readily available like celery sticks, salad, bananas, apples, eggs, turkey burgers, salmon, chicken, milk, cottage cheese, sweet potatoes, quinoa and other good stuff a growing lad needs.  Meat prices have gone  up exponentially and so I am researching other ways to get my protein sources in an effort to save money to pay for T.

I’m watching my sodium intake and really watching myself from straying into eating junkfood often. I like to treat myself every now and then, like when I’m out with friends, but I always ask myself ‘Do you really need it, or do you just want it?” during instances where I just want to consume something super sweet as a pick-me-up. I grab a Honeycrisp apple if that’s the case and that usually works.

The first couple days I felt so bloated due to water retention. I was craving bananas so bad last week. I guess my body really needed the potassium because I ate a whole bunch of bananas this weekend and had to buy more for this week!

I’ve also gotten into the routine of washing my face 2 times a day, using a facial toner, and even….a clay mask before bed!  My anxiety has been channeled into working on getting clearer skin. That’s not a bad thing, in fact, doing my face-washing ritual has been a really great way for me to wind-down for the night. I also like seeing the progress of my skin clearing up.  I wanted to get into this habit right away, because T can cause acne, so I wanted to get on top of it before it starts.

Maybe excessive but my face has really started clearing up.

Maybe excessive but my face has really started clearing up.

Well friends I shall write again next Sunday! Happy Samhain, Halloween, and All Saints Day.

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