Almost 3 months!


January 14th, 2016

Hello everyone,

On the 23rd of this month I will be officially 3 months on Testosterone!

No noticeable changes really. I started shaving the baby-fuzz off my face and it’s been growing back feeling like real whiskers but they aren’t visible yet. I see my endocrinologist on the 28th and hopefully I’ll have an increase in my dosage so that I’ll start to experience more changes.

Winter break came and went as if I never left Moorhead! It’s always such a trip coming back to school and feel as though I picked up right where I left off.


Me and my parents, xmas 2015


Me and my significant other, xmas 2015

My appetite is still the same and the monster appetite kind of ebbs and flows–depending upon the moon (as in my cycle).  I had made the resolution over New Years to cut down on eating red meat. So much for that. I may supplement a multi-vitamin so that I don’t get such harsh cravings for red meat.  Steak is pretty expensive.


For dinner that night I had a salmon filet, sweet potato, and broccoli. A few hours later I was starving as if I hadn’t eaten in 3 days! So I made streak and eggs at 9pm at night! Werewolf craving rawr!

I just finished my first full week of classes and I have quite the reading/writing intensive semester ahead. I’m gearing up to shoot our senior capstone project in the coming weeks. We will be done shooting the first week of February. I’m really excited for that.

This Wednesday will also be my 28th birthday and I found out that the planets align on that day. That’s really special.

We have been under a real cold snap this weekend! Today it didn’t even get above zero! Currently, it is 10 below zero. Cold weather makes me crave comfort food. So tonight I decided to make a classic American Sunday Meal of a roast chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, and steamed broccoli.


I like to season my broccoli with a splash of apple cider vinegar

I’ve also completely eliminated Dairy from my diet. I was doing an experiment to see if my skin would clear up. Sure enough it did! There’s hormones in dairy products that can seriously impact your skin–even free-range organic milk products. As hard as it is for me to give the protein power of cottage cheese and yogurt and chocolate milk….I am really liking how much more healthier my skin has gotten.  For more information about the link between pimples and dairy click here

The washer/dryer units in my apartment are currently out of order.


I had to do my laundry in the bathtub. That’s quite a workout when you’re squishing it with your feet for 20 some minutes and then hand wringing everything out to dry! On the bright side, I saved $2.25.


I am hoping to get out of this depressive funk I’ve been in the last month or two. I’m starting everyday now by asking the question,”How can I show myself love today.”or “How can I take care of me?” I exercised today and cleaned up my living space as well as eat healthily. I want to get back into the swing of things rather than let my mood-swings dictate how I live my life.

All the best,

Ravn Thor

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One Response to Almost 3 months!

  1. janitorqueer says:

    I love all the photos that go along with what you’ve been up to!

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