I Don’t Need to Explain Why I’m Trans

This man articulated this perfectly.

Dear Cis People

I used to wonder why society had a narrow minded view of transgender men (transmen representation are predominantly white, athletic, tend to have full beards, handsome, etc.) but then I realized that the narratives of transmen in the spotlight that you find covered on online websites or published in memoirs are deliberately trying to convince cisgender folks that they are valid. I remember feeling dysphoric when I saw these stories and it delayed me in getting that lightbulb moment where I said to myself that I’m still a man even if I’m not very masculine. On the note of well-known transmen, I had no one to relate to as transmen of color were nonexistent when I started testosterone (October 2014) and so I felt alone on Tumblr which added to my earlier insecurity as a man. Having no one to relate to made me feel like a fish out of…

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