3 months and 2 days

3months on T Jan22

January 22nd, 2016

Hello everyone,

A lot happened this week as far as getting back into the swing of school and my birthday.  Since my day of birth was in the middle of the week I didn’t do much to celebrate. I just had a couple friends over to work on a homework assignment.  I may celebrate my birthday a weekend or so from now with other friends who have had birthdays too.
I hope 28 will be great.

In my picture above I had just gotten a haircut.  A few days before I was angsting about how gendered it is to get a haircut and how hard it is as a queer person in this area to have a good haircut experience. Barbershops and Hair Salons are very gendered—cis-gendered and Heteronormative spaces (especially where I live).  I’ve always had anxiety and intense discomfort every time I went. I hated it.  I decided to be vulnerable on social media about it and express this truth.  Surprisingly, it resonated with many folks in my networks–Cis friends expressed that this was something that never occurred to them, and my queer friends were sharing their stories of their experiences and agreed with my sentiments.  A trans advocate, trans woman, and friend of mine who volunteers at the local Pride center here in town saw my post and went ahead and started to reach out to hair stylists in town that are LGBT friendly. She then posted her findings in this wiki she edits for the ND-MN area https://www.tristatetrans.org/index.php/Hair_Cutting and she will continue to add more stylists that are safe and welcoming.
I was very moved at how my sharing of vulnerability about this issue reached so many people and sparked action.   The power of story is incredible as is the courage in vulnerability. Sharing our stories is one of the most powerful things we can do.

In other news, I’m feeling pretty happy about this ‘trail’ I got going on. It’s much thicker than last week.

My parents came up this weekend and as a birthday present they got me a real bed.  This has been amazing considering I’ve been sleeping on a blown out air mattress for 9 months so far.


3 wolf moon fuzzy blanket keeps me warm in the frozen North of Minnesota

Tonight The X-Files 6 part miniseries premiers tonight.  I am a “X-Phile” and was so bummed out that I didn’t have cable. After scouring reddit I found out that you don’t need to have cable tv to catch the show.  A co-worker from my previous job gave me an older analog TV that worked and so I decided to do some handyman work.  I went on a quest to get antenna and a digital converter box.


I won’t miss the X-Files premier now that I got these Rabbit Ears catching the frequencies!

I only get 2 channels and thankfully one of them is the Fox network!


Jane Fonda on Johnny Carson show, 1977

This week I finally see the Endocrinologist! I’m very excited to get my dosage increased!

Anyway, I’m sorry to cut this short but I need to make some JiffyPop and get ready to watch The X Files. This is like seeing old friends!


All the best,


Ravn Thor

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