4 Months on T: Testosterone Boosting Foods and Grooming products

4months on T Feb 23

Taken Feb. 23rd, 2016

Hello everyone,

This week is my 4 month anniversary! Wow, time has certainly flown by. With this anniversary I was gifted with some sprouting facial and a fuzzier happy trial.

It’s hard to see on my face, but I feel it there(and I can see it too, it’s just very light) and it’s slowly but surely coming in. This month I’ve been doing lots of reading into Testosterone Boosting Foods and made a meal plan for myself. By making a meal plan, I had food that lasted me a few weeks with delicious left overs leaving me satisfied rather than a super hungry werewolf. I’m able to be better focused since I’m eating much better than I had been.

When I’m on the ball, my diet is a high protein, high healthy fat diet with plenty of complex carbs such as fruits and vegetables.


I’ve started every day this week with a spoonful of coconut oil in my coffee. It tastes really good and I only use it in one cup. Lots of healthy fats!

Protein powered breakfasts

Fruit at bedtime


These meals have had leftovers to last all week.  I haven’t gained any significant weight this month, in fact I haven’t gained any at all. I’m still sitting at 131lbs. Before T, I was at 125lbs.  I wonder how much of the weight I’ve gained is muscle and how much is water weight.

Another interesting thing I’ve noticed is my shirts now fit differently. I seem to have filled out more. Particularily in my shoulders.


Even though I’ve reached the 4 month mark, I still deal with dysphoria.  I wonder if that will ever go away.  I think it will(at least ease up), once I start growing facial hair.  I still don’t ever ‘pass.’  Usually what I do when I have a bad wave of it(dysphoria) is I talk to someone, exercise, cook, or take a long hot shower.

Sometimes, when using gender-affirming bath products, it helps me relax and feel better.  I know it might sound ridiculous, and I’m fully aware about how extreme some masculine marketed products can get, but this is one way for me to cope and it helps a little.

Here is an example of a workout I do at home. I apologize for how blurry it is–my webcam isn’t the greatest.

Body Weight workout at home

I have kept up with this routine pretty well this week.  It feels good to get back into the swing of it. I find that I’m sleeping better and I am doing better in school because my focus and concentration has increased.

Also, my voice is starting to drop ever so slightly.

Well, that’s it for now.  I hope there will be more to report in the next coming weeks!


-Ravn Thor


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