Every Sunday

Every Sunday Ritual
Link to video I took this morning giving myself my injection.

I never had needle anxiety before.  I was one to embrace acupuncture and the like. However, a couple months ago while giving myself my weekly injection, something happened to where it felt as though I had been kicked by a horse. My leg ached and was sore for a whole week. Very painful. I limped a bit. This happened on my right leg.  I am able to do my injection in my left leg no problem, but my body is now full of anxious memory when I alternate my shot into my right leg. I’m working hard on mind over matter.  This week I was to give myself my injection in my right leg, but it became hypersensitive. I don’t understand why it’s like that. Next week I will push through and get it done.  It’s very important to alternate injection sites.


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