A Trip to The Cities!


Hello there,

It has been close to 7 or 8 months since I had made the drive to St. Paul for a check up pertaining to trans-related care.  It’s worth the 6 hour drive to the cities to get quality and affordable care at Family Tree Clinic.  I will be giving them a call on Monday to follow-up on what my Testosterone levels are at.  I’m treated with such compassion, respect, and understanding at this clinic. I sincerely wish there were more of these places available for people.  I asked about MNcare healthcare and if it’s safe from this current regime and I was informed that yes, it was safe.  I would also get top-surgery covered on it, as well as healthcare pertaining to bipolar disorder. So my decision to move has been finalized. I’ll be moving back to Moorhead come May or June and get on Minnesota Care.


On the roadtrip there and back I was feeling very relieved at how 90% of all the bathrooms at the rest-stops had “family” restrooms–single room,etc.

I spent a good 48 hours in the cities and actually enjoyed myself!  I stayed with a trans-brother of mine who graciously let me crash at his place. It felt good to be around another transman and to talk about our experiences.  I took myself out for a savory and spicy bowl of ramen noodles. It was so perfect on such a chilly night in the North.

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Zen Box Izakaya is a must-stop-spot in Minneapolis. I had salmon sashimi and kimchi ramen. It was so delicious.

I regret not getting in touch with some of my film school friends that live in the cities. I plan on making another trip back in a month or so. I’ll make plans to see them for sure.


Another must-go-to-spot in the Cities is Leather and Latte’s. It’s a gay coffee shop that sells coffee and leather/fetish gear.

Minneapolis is such a beautiful city. I don’t think I could live in a city, but I’d like to live nearby on my dream farm.  This was a much needed little get-a-way.

In other news,


I am sitting at 141lbs, 3lbs away from my bulking goal. I took a week off lifting this week because I was having symptoms of  over-training.(Fatigue, restless nights, insomnia, poor appetite, etc)  I did get in 2 sessions of 25min HIIT though.  Coming close to reaching my goal has really alleviated some of my winter blues.  Soon I will be cutting, which will entail adding more cardio and switching my diet up a bit.

Update on the Acne Situation:

Here’s a collage pic from last week:


and here’s one from today:


My skin is really starting to clear up! I decided against getting a microderm and chemical peel because I read up that for people with olive tone skin it can permanently alter the skin color or something of that nature. So I decided to wait it out a bit longer, and if need be I will contact a dermatologist.


And in other really good news, our film school senior capstone project is an official selection at The Artemis Women in Action Film Festival!  This really made my day. =)

Until I write again,

Ravn Thor


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2 Responses to A Trip to The Cities!

  1. An unrelated question: I noted this post, and one of yours on the other blog, does something I’ve been wanting to do for some time. If you look at your posts on the Reader, you’ll notice that your first hellos have a paragraph gap between them and the following words. Do you know how you’ve done that? I need to figure that out, so my songs don’t confuse the intro blurb.

    • Ravn Thor says:

      All I know is that I double space it.
      This is my blog, etc.
      It looks like on your blog you double space, but it doesn’t appear that way in the reader.

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