Goals reached and other news


Hey Everyone,

I’m really excited to report that I’ve reached my 15lb bulking goal!


2 months ago I was at 129lbs

Setting a goal and seeing it into fruition is so satisfying.  Those massive gain shakes I’ve been making really worked. I started my cut phase this week and have so far lost 1lb.

Taking some progress pics has been especially helpful. It’s really amazing to see all that hard work coming full circle.

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I love exercise.  I see myself as very different from the typical “Gym Bro” and more like an artist.  I view weight training and nutrition as an art-form with my body as my canvas and food the paints and the weights the brush.

I am in need of new shirts that fit! Everything has gotten so tight.


My back injury has healed and I’ve been back at it.  I’m feeling really good and more like myself each day.

In other news, things ended up working out with those college friends in Moorhead.  We won’t be living in the same house they had been renting, but instead an apartment. Everything is all worked out and the first months rent is free. I still haven’t told work yet about moving, I don’t really plan on officially moving until probably end of summer.

CW: The following slide-show is NSFW


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I decided to try and make my own STP (Stand to pee) device.  I used 3/8 vinyl tubing, baby bottle top, and a soft pack.  It turned out decent for the time being until I can afford a much better one..  I’ve been wanting to be able to use the bathroom urinal just in case the closed stalls are all occupied.


I am working Easter weekend, but that’s okay.  Work is going alright. I’m a little overwhelmed but that paycheck next month is going to make it all worth while.

Frank easter

Have a great weekend!

Ravn Thor

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