May 4th, 2017



Things are going well. I’ve been taking the week off of weight training and that has helped regulate my sleep cycle back to normal.  The cut phase is showing some results. In 2 weeks I have lost 4 pounds of fat and the muscles underneath are beginning to reveal themselves. On my week off of work and weight training I’ve been enjoying my leisure time through reading, cooking, meditation, and stretching.  Transition-wise I’ve gotten much hairier and my stubble is starting to come in much more visibly.


It’s amazing how much my acne has cleared up. All of the active acne is gone!  What you see is the hyperpigmentation left behind that will start to lighten up as my skin continues to heal.  I’m almost certain I won’t have any scarring, and if I do it will be so minimal that it will hardly be noticeable.  The lymph node on the right side of my neck is no longer swollen, indicating that the infection has ceased.  This validates my theory that it was swollen because of the acne.
I urge anyone who has an outbreak of acne to see a dermatologist as soon as possible. It’s a skin infection, and no matter how much you don’t touch your face or mess with it, you can still get scars. Since it’s an infection it will leave you potentially susceptible to catching something else(cold, flu), because your immune system is busy fighting it off.  I’m so grateful things are turning out ok.

My cured egg yolks are a delectable success!


I took them out of the curing mixture


Rinsed them off


Wrapped them in cheese cloth and hung it up in my fridge for a few days.


And the result was an herby, smokey, crumbly goodness!


Put it on top of this really good salad I made for lunch today.  Cured egg yolks also taste amazing in a twice-baked potato.

While we’re on the subject of food…


Today is the day I received my first chef’s knife!


This is the Shun Classic 8 inch knife.


After doing research I just had a strong vibe about this specific blade.


I made some pretty awesome sushi with it tonight.


I know I found the right knife  for me because the minute I held it in my hand it felt like an old friend.  It’s such a great feeling.


One of my future roommates told me that where he works is hiring. I will be updating my resume and sending it in. Full-time hours $14-15/hr at a homeless/transition home.  It’s very similar to what I’m currently doing now, but it will be in Moorhead, MN.  Hope it works out.

That’s all the news I have for now! May write again soon.

-Ravn Thor


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2 Responses to May 4th, 2017

  1. Nice to see that your acne faded so much!
    Also, very cool knife

    • Ravn Thor says:

      Thank you! Yeah, all of the active acne is gone completely. I’m looking forward to my face being completely clear!

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