New moons, whimsical walks, & serendipity



6 days ago marks 1 year and 7 months on testosterone. I think next month will be 1 year on injections.

Acne continues to clear up.  I did have a few break-outs last week because I caved and started eating dairy again.  Now I know for certain that dairy triggers my acne. So much for cottage cheese.

Last weekend I had two over-night shifts in a row.  I am definitely never doing that again. It has taken me a week to recover from that.  I used to be able to pull all nighters no problem but this time around it pushed me into a mild depression.  I wasn’t so much ruminating on depressive thoughts but more so experiencing the physical symptoms. I had no appetite, stomach issues, and I had severe insomnia. All around I just felt out of balance and as if my chi was blocked.

My fitness goals are continuing to be reached. It’s a burst of dopamine each week that I lift heavier than the week before. My weight has fluctuated, but I think that’s because of the over-night shifts.  This should even out soon.

On my days off I spent time reading, and going for walks.  I went on a very interesting walk a couple days ago that really broke me out of my funk.

There’s something mysterious about this particular campground.  There’s a strong vibe of energy emanating from the area.


On this outing I stumbled upon some strangeness.


This was all near a hidden secret structure.  I sense that the whole area is a place were people come to mediate or do whatever ‘magic’ work they want to do.


In the trees someone tied black doggie bags on some branches to signal a hidden path.


I call this the hidden pagan church. It’s a structure that’s hiding in plain sight, but those that are very aware of their surroundings can find it.


Here’s the front


A pentagram drawing, indicating to me that it’s a ritual or spell casting space for the wiccans or pagans around here.


An old saw used to cut new branches


The inside looking outward


Notebook paper used perhaps for kindling  and maybe sigil burning


The coals were buried and still warm.


This place was used recently. I assume because of the New Moon.


After leaving I spotted something out of the ordinary again


Someone put a jar of tiger balm and a pillow that says, ‘A Home with a little dust and lots of laughter will win the Heart of God everytime.’  I wonder who put this here and why?



I thought this crescent moon shape in the stump was beautiful


The next day I decided to come back and explore some more and was met by this deer. This was located behind the mystery structure.

Being out in nature was exactly what I needed to shake me out of that funk. I felt balanced again. A little serendipity to break up the monotony of life can be good medicine.


I asked a pagan friend  of mine about the structure and he said that he knew about it being there but has no idea who built it or who else uses it.  It’s a nice place to go to relax or meditate. I definitely plan to go more, and investigate the story behind it.

After that mini adventure my appetite came back and I’m able to sleep again.

A couple nights ago I had a small cook out in the driveway which was very peaceful but it gives me the itch to go camping soon.

At work last night I got to use the grill. I made baby-back ribs out of pork loin.



Good news! I got a call back from the place I applied to last month–the place that said they would keep me on file.  I have a job interview on Tuesday for that full time position. I really hope to get it.  I haven’t told my current job anything yet because I want to be sure I have a job lined up before I put in any notice.   This move is coming so fast that it’s a little overwhelming.  It will be nice to make more money and be able to actually save up.  After I’m all settled in after the  move I plan on going on a much needed solitary camping excursion. I feel a strong calling to hike and camp this summer and I may just have to heed that call of the wild!

Until next time,

Ravn Thor

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3 Responses to New moons, whimsical walks, & serendipity

  1. Though the more dangerous druggies are rarely that industrious, you should nevertheless be wary of things like that little shelter. And remember that even if a druggie seems relatively stable one moment, it does not imply they will remain so – or that the collection of materials on your person are worth less to them than your life.

  2. Being pagan myself it’s really exciting that you’ve found such a place! I bet it was just full of energy.
    Thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures with us

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