Back to the Land of Dragons



I made the big move on Friday and it was a pretty stressful 4 hour drive.  My trusty Camry and I arrived unscathed.  Moving is certainly stressful especially when it’s by oneself.

I did not eat that whole day until I arrived in the evening.  This pizza was heaven.


My roommate had to go work a shift, and so a couple of college friends stopped by and gave me a hand hauling in some stuff.  I spent the weekend unpacking and I’m not quite finished yet.  I need to save up for a few odds and ends. I also need to make some bigger purchases whether through online craiglists/garage sales/thrifts to find a big bookcase and a dresser.

I went for a pleasant walk in Viking Ship Park which is nearby the apartment.  It was nice to see this old Stave church again.  This weekend coming up is the Midwest Viking Festival, and it just so happens that Friday is my day off! I’m definitely going to check it out—a big part of my heritage is Scandinavian, and it will be great to taste some fresh lefse.

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The reason why I call Moorhead “The Land of Dragons” is because it’s my college town, and Minnesota State University Moorhead’s mascot is a dragon.

Image result for MSUM dragon

  I hope to be more involved in the community.   I met up with a film professor yesterday and I realized how much I have missed talking film and film-making projects.  I told him a couple film ideas I’ve been sitting on and he invited me to join a potential creative screenwriters group.  I also decided to be on the jury panel for the Fargo-Moorhead LGBTQ Film Festival for this September.  I need to hurry up and get internet in the apartment so I can start screening and judging film submissions!


Today was my first day on the job! It was a lot to take in, but I think I’ll get the hang of it.  Since it is a full time position I am eligible for a health insurance package. However, they are switching insurances, and so my ability to switch won’t happen until around September.   The waiting game….sigh.  I’m hopeful that it will cover a big chunk of top surgery, because a MN judge overturned a state ban on transgender health coverage.

A few loose ends I need to tie up is to find a good gym and a good counselor.  I think on Friday I’ll get a gym membership set up, and ask around for recommendations for any counselors in the area that are good but also take my current insurance.

That’s all for now, I’ll try to write again soon!



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