Thunder storms, Thunder Moons, Thunder hearts


Things are going okay for the most part.  I went to the walk-in clinic today because I had a bit of a strep throat scare, but thankfully it came back negative.  I do have a sinus infection, however.  I was anticipating this sort of thing to happen when working in human services—exposure to many illnesses and so on.  A client at the shelter has strep and there is some sort of bug going around.   The doc said that because I’m currently taking minocycline (for acne) that it staved off potential strep.  Still, this sore throat is killing me—makes it hard to sleep.  I’ve been eating lots of raw garlic, gargling with salt water, drinking throat coat tea and echinacea/elderberry tea with ginger, lemon, and honey.  I’m using some Ricola throat lozenges and at night I make a rub out of eucalyptus, peppermint, and clove essential oils that I rub on my neck, behind my ears, and on my chest to alleviate the pain.

A week or so ago at work we had a staff picnic at Buffalo River State Park.  It was nice to be out in nature and get to know my coworkers more.



A few of my co-workers playing lawn games


This is Tootsie, Paster Sue’s dog.  We have become pals. 


I worked on the 4th of July and I’m perfectly okay with that considering it was time and a half pay.  There was a storm that night and I enjoy Mother Nature’s fireworks more so than gunpowder.  The sunset was beautiful and the lightning awe-inspiring. I love a good thunderstorm.


I’m starting to get used to work, I don’t get phazed by things as much anymore. Like last night a man off the street came in all bloody having been jumped and claiming he had been stabbed. That was a while drama-fest but I’m surprised I handled it well. It helps that there are 2 people on staff during the evening shift.  The job is still emotionally taxing though, and so I maintain a good boundary and ensure good self care after I come home to de-stress and to not carry it with me. A good smudge with sage helps clear my mind.  I’m not desensitized to their pain, but I keep a protective barrier around my energy field.  You can’t pour from an empty cup.


I finally made a menu plan and stuck with it. I meal prepped a chickpea/potato curry with some curried cauliflower.  Packing a lunch has saved me some money and kept my mind sharp.



Jerky and Blueberries for a snack keeps me alert at work.


I got a rosemary plant. Rosemary is so lovely. It’s certainly one of my favorite herbs.  Here she is, all cheery in the sunshine.

Fargo opened a Food Co-Op and so I decided to check it out. My friend Jamie was working there and she showed me around. It was really nice to see her.  I’m pretty smitten with the place. Kombucha on Tap!  It’s pretty tasty.  I’m always down to support local farmers and artisans.


There’s a store in Moorhead called RetroDisc.  It’s a perfect place to go when I’m wanting to build my physical media collection. I found quite a jack-pot. I’ve been looking for Tank-Girl for years.  Also, now that I have Spinal Tap, I have the whole Christopher Guest collection!  Next pay day I’ll be checking it out again.


On my day off I finally got around to putting together a bookcase—a goal I’ve had for quite awhile.  It always feels good to reach a goal, even if it’s seemingly small. It’s like a little level-up or victory.


I’m pretty okay with my dvds in my make-shift cardboard stand. No shame!

I’m breaking everything up into chunks when it comes to purging my stuff. If I over-think it I get paralyzingly overwhelmed and nothing get’s accomplished. So instead I just focus on one thing at a time. Little by little I’m shedding the things I don’t need.


Having a coffee with Paul Bunyan and Babe

Transition-wise I’m noticing more facial hair sprouting.  My acne is clearing up, but I still encounter a break-out here or there and that’s because of the sun. I wear really good sunscreen but it’s not enough.  Minocycline has a side effect of photosensitivity, and so even though I’m wearing sunscreen I still burn–this is a new experience.

The more masculine I look, the more native I look.. This is something I did not expect during my transition, and it’s something I need to learn how to cope with—micro-aggressions and the way people interact with me has changed and I’m not sure how I feel about that. It’s conflicting and alienating. I try not to over think it. I’m a quarter native, and I’ve ‘passed’ as white the majority of my life, raised by white parents, etc.  What’s weird is how often I get asked “Where are you from?”  because I don’t look like many people around here.  it’s odd to me because I was born and raised in NoDak, but I don’t really have the accent or blend in so to speak.  It’s okay though, we’re all Earthlings after all….or am I? 😉

Anyway, I hope to nip this sinus infection in the bud.  Next weekend I’m going back to Bismarck for a visit.   I still have the itch for a road trip. I hope that happens for me. I’d like to do something fun and memorable this summer.

If you haven’t seen the moon yet, be sure to look tonight. It’s called the Buck moon or Thunder Moon.  Nights of full moon are good nights for intention setting and meditating.

Take it easy,

Ravn Thor

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